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Well, I tried the talking thing, but they still aren't speaking to each other.

Silly Elves!

At any rate, for Krwordgazer and Manga.

Krwordgazer, before you say anything, I'm also working on a Rayek Drabble, but it turned into a Worldpool, and now it's making me obssessive, so please, be patient... :(


The first time Cutter saw his daughter, it was in her mother's sister's hands, squalling and angry at her forced eviction from her mother's womb.

The first time Rayek saw his daughter, he looked into eyes that rested level with his, were cool where his were bright, were wise where his were proud.

The first time Strongbow saw his daughters, he marveled at how sweet they were, how finely made they, marveled that this was the best of him and Moonshade.

The first time Cutter touched his daughter's mind, on her own, she was eight days old, and insistently staying up, to watch the moons that Leetah said she couldn't see yet.

The first time Rayek touched his daughter's mind, it was her sending to him, a quick, sharp, painless blade.

The first time Strongbow touched his daughters minds, it was in the womb, to be sure they were safe and happy.

The first time Cutter taught his daughter, it was to show her how to tie her sandals.

The first time Rayek taught his daughter, he wasn't there, and she watched through the long years as Cutter's faith waxed and waned.

The first time Strongbow taught his daughters...

...The first time has happened once, and hasn't happened yet.

The first time Cutter lost his daughter, it was in the way of a young cat, reaching out and taking the mice, regardless of how the other cats feel.

The first time Rayek lost his daughter, it was in the fear of another lost daughter, who wounded to save herself from pain.

The first time Strongbow lost his daughter, it was in the hatred and fear of the ignorant, of those who wore the hide bound anger of a startled tree wee.

The second time Cutter lost his daughter, it was in the way of a young wolf, setting off with her agemates, to found her own pack.

The second time Rayek lost his daughter, it was because of a snake in his belly, curled and posed to strike. To save her, to save them, he left.

The second time...

...The second time, Strongbow holds his daughter tightly, and glares out into the night, to the quiet night, and growls, low in his throat, this unspoken promise.

There will be no second time.