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Group effort. I love group efforts.

My Clearbrook

Loved Sur. He was her body, mind and soul.

He died and a small part of her body, her mind and her soul went with him. It didn't die, it just went with him so he wouldn't lonely without her.

Loves Scouter. Even if he is overprotective of his womenfolk.

She hopes her grandson is protected. Not coddled, but protected. She loves him too. Sometimes, she and Nightfall quietly whisper about how much they'd love to know him.

It's their right as grandmothers.

Loves Pool. Because he is her grandcub.

Loves Treestump. It was always friendship, but now he protects her. Protects her, but lets her fight as she will. The joinings they share...the joy...the Now.

Understands Strongbow. The pain of losing a girl cub. That arrow pierces deep and the point can never really be pulled out. They both hid tears and swore vengeance that never came.

She loves Dewshine. Because she made Scouter happy. And because shee is part of Treestump. And because her singing rivals the birds'.

Loves Tyleet. Because she gave her a grandcub. Because Scouter loves her. Because she never refuse the girl anything.

Talks to Pike. Because he sings her songs of when she was younger. He reminds her of Goodtree's Rest. Of the thrill of the hunt. Of the Way.

She loves the Way, because it gives her peace.