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Very good, everyone. I love these...

My Aroree

Was like one asleep but walking, back in Blue Mountain, until Skywise woke her up, to life, to a fresh, new wind.

Loved Voll, and respected his wisdom so much she never saw he, too, was asleep.

Respected and feared Winnowill, but never loved her.

Loved Kureel, once, long ago. Which is why it was so easy to hate him, later.

Loves Skywise. She thought she would teach him the ways of the High Ones, but it turned out he was the one with a lesson to teach. A hard one.

Before that lesson was learned, she thought she owned him, saw him only as someone who could answer her needs, and ignored most of his words, only to remember them later, and understand.

Has almost forgotten what it feels like to sleep and dream dreams of her own.

It took losing Skywise and becoming a member of the tribe, an Elder, to find out who she was.

Loves Skywise, but no longer needs him to tell her who she is.

Understood the depth of the wrong she did stealing Windkin only when she saw what losing his children did to Cutter.

Hates war, but did her duty for the Shards of the Palace, because she was needed.

It is everything, to her, to be needed.

Would like to have a talk with Door. About Winnowill. About pain.

Is looking for Tyldak. Because they are kin, because of shared memories.

Is also looking for Kahvi. For many reasons.

Pities Two-Edge. Understands his pain.

Respects Venka, and sees in her what Winnowill should have been.

Finds herself having to remind the Go-Backs again and again she is not a High One. Remembers a time when she thought she was.

Misses Skywise. But not as much as she thought she would.

Is not called Sad Eyes anymore. Because she isn't.