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Cool! :D
I like the ending. I'm so glad Aroree is over being sad. Now she has the chance to be fully developed character.

I guess this is a good point at which to insert mine! Wink

My Skywise:

Is mischievous, curious,
clever and sly

His face is made for smiles
and wry looks.

He grins and glances knowingly
From the corner of his eye.

And he chuckles quietly to himself
He knows

Not to take life so seriously
Because all things come and go

Treasure comes and goes
One day you’re king
And the next tossed off your throne
In a game of toss stone- he’s seen it

And your most prized possession
Is easily snatched by quick and dexterous fingers

Forests come and go- and come back again
Everything comes full circle in the end
Chiefs come and go, and ways of knowing
And wolf-friends, and parents, and children and beliefs

Youth comes and goes
Well, for his tribe-mates anyway
And friends come and go
But let’s not think about that

Laughter comes and goes
So enjoy the maidens when they dance
And don’t get too attached to any one
After all, each is so beautiful in her way
How can a lad possibly get choosey?

What is the one thing that is eternal?
It can’t be found in this world of shifting seasons
Gaze upward, then, and seek it among the stars
Small lights, themselves, that blaze and die

Maybe it’s a dream, merely,
That tugs at the soul like a constant summons
The whisper of what’s possible
More seductive than any maid

Or maybe it’s a different call
The tug of one heart to another
Of two souls bound deeper than blood
Like brothers

An understanding, hard won
That, if change is constant,
Love is never lost

Just the faith
That across time and distance
Despite differing dreams, choices
And chances, despite the impossible
Briefness of life
Love will not be lost