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And here you are:

First for Christina:

A silly version I made a green one too but seem to have lost the file:

I notice the look in Spine's eyes is very familiar - Bee, Zhantee, Vurdah...

Brill has begun to fascinate me I really want to learn more about the New WaveDancers now... I noticed her hair is the exact same colour as mine at the moment, almost black but actually dark brown... mine is that way because the black dye didn't work and is faded a bit... plus she seems to be wearing lipstick and nail polish - so I decided to make a goth version, with my colours and makeup... she ended up looking like a Norwegian comic heroine Nemi... and very pretty... Spine is a bit different in this pic for variety's sake too...

Then the Timmain Kathleen wanted:

and what the idea immediately brought to my mind. Drows are the dark elves in 'Forgotten Realms', with black skin, white hair, and red eyes... hey Drizzt Do'Urden, forget that soppy Alustriel and take a look at this lady:

and a silver version because I rather like it too:

Then a surprise: Arthis posted this lovely calendar pic elsewhere:

And gave me ideas...