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aaaaahhhhhhhh, I friggen love your tiger livie.....and Crossblades rock too, cus elfquest rocks, hehe. You are a true fan.

I don't know what I think about tatoos, but I have two.

One on the front of my ankle/foot, about the size of a nickle. It's the symbol for Earth, a circle with two lines crossin in it, but I made it loop around instead of just butting....I'll post a pic later.

Then I have a similar one, but it's the combination of Earth and Air (cus Louavi is air) on the back of my neck in my hair line so you can't really see it. I had to shave a little bit of my hair. Louavi has the same.

I want more, just cus they're addictive, but I dont' want them to be all over my body, at least not right now anyways. Maybe after my dad is dead...that sounds awful and almost just made me cry, but he's SOO dissappointed in my ankle one as it is.

I only like to get tatoos that seriuosly symbolize stuff, stuff that I feel is a part of me.

I thought that one day, cus I have one element on my foot, I'd get water on the other and air and fire on my wrists. We'll just see though. I don't want anything TOO visible, at least for now.

My thoughts on tatoos and piercings are like most of my other thoughts. Ancient. haha. People have been doing this for WAY longer than we usually remember. I think it would be so cool to have your "tribes" tatoo or something. I don't like silly pictures usually, at least not when it's obvious the person just thought it looked cool on the wall of the parlor ( I haven't seen any tatoos on here that I didn't like.

I seriuosly considered getting a guns n roses tatoo, just cus I love them so friggin much, but decided to only get strongly symbolic tats.

I don't have piercings (well, I have each ear pierced once), and save the rare tiny nose piercing or something similarly elegant and subtle, I dont' like them too much. Tyler, my bud, wants to get his lip pierced twice right next to each other, BLAH, I'm still trying to talk him out of it.