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Well, turns out I've been going along with an extreme misconception all these years. :( I still have no idea what that "Ohhh" meant-- it's bad storytelling, plain and simple. If it meant "I'm drunk and going to be sick" then that should have been made clear. If it meant something else, that should have been made clear too. The only real difference between Nightfall's sword and New Moon is the shape of the hilt-- and frankly, I didn't notice that when reading-- I just saw Kahvi staring at the sword and saying, "Ohhh." I know the sheath is different, but Nightfall could have had New Moon in her own sheath. And when she was stealing the cocoon in the first place, Kahvi said, "That lump there must be New Moon." So naturally I thought it was! I still say the "Ohhh" would make a lot more sense if it was.

OK, rant over. (I hate looking foolish, can anyone tell? :oops: )

As far as Cutter and Kahvi sleeping together-- the scene seems to indicate that it happened several times. "Your body is with me to be sure, Wolf Chief, but you never are!" "I'm sorry, I can't give you more." So it's not completely out of the blue that Kahvi decides to make a child with Cutter-- she just selfishly fails to think about it from Cutter's point of view. But looking at other people's point of view has never been one of Kahvi's gifts anyway. She has one goal she's after-- the good of her people. Nothing else really matters to her. Ever.

I do find it interesting that Kahvi can (apparently) conceive at will. None of the other elves are that confident they can just decide to have a child and then have one! And she thinks she has no magic! Surprised