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Weeelll. My mother always buys me a fridge magnet from where ever she goes, so I was just repaying the favour Grin You know.... a fridge magnet with a troll on it, a fridge magnet with just the Norwegian flag on it, a silly hat. I had to get her back for years of crap presents Grin Grin

Oh and a bottle of Seaman's shot for my dad. Grin I have no idea what it is but it sounded funny.

ghehe,m that's really nice :)
your rhoughtful, I haven't bought any souvenirs for anyone... just didn't think of it, and haven't had much money lately... :?

[quote:b2c83f9a9b]Why are you freaking out? It doesn't hurt that much. It's just the first bit that hurts, but once you get used to it (after about 10 -15 seconds) it just feels like mild sunburn. I have 7 tattoo's, I wouldn't have so many if it hurt too much!! [/quote:b2c83f9a9b] well, I hope it's the same with me. But after cycling with Bart, I've had antibiotics by a drip and I still freaked out when they put it in me... Unhappy
so...but I know a tattoo is different, so I hope it will turn out great for me... and I hope Bart dares to accompanie me... :)