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I've got a rose on barbed wire on my back, right in the middle of my shoulder blades. I'd like to work with it some more, add a few butterflies and make it more alive. Maybe some colors too.
And I'd like to have more tattoos! I got so jealous when my sister-in-law (well, almost sister-in-law, since neither me and my boyfriend nor his brother and girlfriend are married) showed me her new tattoo, three stars down her spine. It was awesome! I'd like to have the sign for "rangu", courage, from the manga Alice 19th. It kinda looks like a heart, but not quite. Ah, difficult to explain. But it looks good and have a good meaning. Everyone needs courage, right? :D

About piercings, however, I can't have them. I've tried two times, both in my nose and in my ears, and I had to take them away. They never healed and was infected most of the time, even though I was really keen on keeping them clean the right way. But then, I can't have earrings either, I guess I'm allergic to such a things. It's a bummer, I liked having a ring in my nose.