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Some of the questions asked:

From Calla:
Is Cutter's hair naturally that sharp-looking, or does he use a combination of treesap and Preserver webbing to obtain that effect?

What happens when a Wolfrider turns out to be allergic to fur?

Do Sun Villagers ever get sunburned?

Does Savah ever bump that headdress of hers in low doorways?

How many times did Rayek cracked his head on the ceiling when he first time he learned to fly?

How many giant hawks does it take to make an aerie?

From Bugswort:

Where the heck did the giant birds come from, anyway (Winnowill, practicing?).

How did they fly, when they must weigh tons (Chosen Eight, working levitation? Or do the birds have some Glider-like powers, as the Wolfrider wolves have the power to Send - but then the Wolfpack are descended from Elves...did Lord Voll get jiggy with Tenspan's ancestors?? ).

How do they get enough to eat, and how can they fly when they've eaten it? (see above, silly).

From cactus:

Do they shave!?! I can't believe that Strongbows beard is growing like that on it's own..
Who's their hairdresser?
How about the make up?