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I wish I dressed like that all the time. Grin King Johnny has been my nickname since I was in third grade. It started out as a superhero type character that I made up about myself. It eventually evolved into other things, such as the main character of a fantasy story I wrote; back in high school, everyone knew me as a huge video game fan so they called me King of Nintendo. Everyone just started calling me King Johnny, even people I didn't know. I was probably the most popular unpopular person. Grin

That crown is just a cheap plastic one I found at a costume shop. It looks pretty good though. I sold the clothes on Ebay last year, which is why I took that pic, so I can at least have a picture of me dressed as "the king". I never wore the clothes other than a couple times. They were expensive anyway.

I have a funny story. They are just regular purple hot vinyl pants. I wore them to Beatlefest here in Chicago one year. I just wanted to dress up, sort of like a rock star. I met a girl with her dad and hung out with them the whole day. Everyone was checking me out (I had a leopard design shirt and glossy yellow boots on as well). When I got home and peeled off those tight pants, there was a huge rip down the crack!! How long was it there?? So, I asked my female friend about it and she said she and her dad noticed it the moment they met me, which means I was walking around the whole day and night with a huge rip up my ass. Not only that, I was wearing just regular white briefs! So here I am, thinking all these girls are checking out my ass but instead they are staring at my tighty whities. I thought I was so cool, such a badass but in fact I looked like a fool. Grin