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I don't like Skyfire, either... I mean, before she became chief... she seemed to be so sure of herself, so self-righteous... and she disobeyed Two-Spear sometimes just because she didn't respect him... I dunno - she was definitely the better chief of the two of them, but somehow, I would have liked her better if she hadn't been so certain of that before she challenged...

Maybe I just don't like wolfrider chiefs, the way they were written in the anthologies... too human... Skyfire is my favourite wolfrider chief - and I still don't like her! Surprised

...which is weird, because generally I like elves to have a fault or two... could be the sibling rivalry that I cannot understand...

Hey, welcome back, Leanan! :D

I'd have to say I agree with all of this. I did like Skyfire in the story where she and her younger friend create a "monster" and scare away the humans. (Referring to the BoTC graphic novel, now.) But I really didn't like her otherwise-- especially her attitude towards Two-Spear. And when he, at the point of killing her, begins to weep and cannot do it, I really loved him for a moment then. . .

I'd have to say that most of the BoTC anthology stories have that problem for me. Prose stories enable you to get inside the character's heads. But in these stories I feel like I'm inside the heads of humans pretending to be elves, rather than inside an elf's head. :(