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*_* You know, PCoquelin, I think that's exactly the way Sunstream and Brill's daughter SHOULD look like... dark blond/light brown hair halfway between Brill and Sunstream's, blue eyes, ragged clothes like her mother's - it would make sense! And she really seems to be floating in the water... And the more I think about it the more I believe she would inherit some of the "fiery" blood in her family (Krill, Cutter, Bearclaw...) Somehow I can see her being slightly different from her parents in personality (takes after Uncle Spine, maybe?), though possibly not so much of a storm as Chitter...

And Kitt - I plainly adored that calendar plate... there are just so many emotions in their eyes, both in the picture on the right and on the left *_*

So... what did you all think of Brill after reading the three issues of Discovery? Personally I'm happy that we are starting to see more and more sides of her...

In Discovery 1 she was a down-to-earth, clever advisor to her chief (snakeskin), a gentle guide and loving mate to Sunstream, and a keen and objective observer... She's proud of her people but not so much to deny that "Behind our smiles, fear holds us on edge. It has, unfortunately, become our way" and later that the Broken One is "no more (pityful) than the rest of us".

In Discovery #2 she was rightfully overjoyed and we saw more of her cheerful, loving side... I remember when the Summer Special came out people said that she was just too much of a whiner - but she had a reason to and now we see that Spine was right when he said "Where's that smile I miss so well". She WAS a smiling girl prior to the accident!! :D And besides we also get to see some insights of her relationship with Krill. In the NWD stories I had the impression that the two sisters had grown quite apart... tribemates, allies, but not really friend... maybe Krill believed that her sister was wasting too much time after Skimback? Either way they are now settled, and have really come to understand and care for each other. Not to mention the way she coped with Skimback and Sandsparkle! She's content with being friends and asks nothing more and nothing less... why I think she wouldn't have been sad all the time through the NWD stories, had Skimback realized earlier that she just yearned for some consideration? She still misses him, granted, because they have been together all this time, but she knows that if anything he has all but written her off his life... and that's enough for her, even if he loves Sandsparkle.

In Discovery 3, she's eager to meet Sunstream and when they indeed meet, "her happiness is beyond telling". But she's also worried about her fellow tribemates and right after their joining she claims that she wishes Surge was there and could see the Palace with his eyes, could realize that he was safe and the place belonged to all elves. It's right, she might not have a chieftain's mind, but she has a very motherly heart and is as quick to get hurt as she's quick to forgive... Even later when he's calling the WaveDancers out of the Pah-lass, she begs him to come inside and take a rest - although he had formerly banished her. I bet Krill wished for nothing else but to stab through Surge's fins with her spear! Brill's strong point is her sweet heart and her compassion. Little wonder she found a kindred spirit in Sunstream... they have so many things in common.