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@Siwan: Skyfire didn't treat Two-spear that good either. Like Meus said, she was too proud. They kept fighting. And I also don't like the fact she keeps saying she has more right than him to be chief, just because she was born out of recognition. Because I don't like the idea that children born out of recognition are more worth than others. I know though that nobody claims that.

However, Two-spear lost it. When one wants to commit a genocide, he's always mad in my eyes. Because that's what he wanted to do. I do think he's an interesting character, and I know he struggled a lot. But when he killed that human family...
Skyfire had to challenge him. She was, at that point, the best thing that happened to the wolfriders. Yes she lost, and Thank God Two-Spear left, so she good teach the wolfriders the way.

After her brother disappeared out of the picture, we could see how great she was as a chief. And my believe is that if she would have been chief with Two-spear still around, things wouldn't have worked out either.
They were both many times wrong, in arguing and fighting to the bone. But I believe that Skyfire didn't handel it right. Whatever she was saying to Two-spear made sense. But she was shouting it all the time, while she had to be more reasonable.
She could have talked about it. Or explain it to Willowgreen.
She made herself and Two-spear enemies.
Ofcourse, that was his fault too. It did made the wolfriders torn as a tribe.

But I'm glad she stood up against him. Even though she didn't get much support.
Two-spear's way would've been the end of the wolfriders. Imagine he did go through with his genocide plans. What would have become of the elves? That would have been far, far worse than anything humans had ever done. They would never be the same again.
Maybe humans wanted to get rid of all the elves either, but anyway, that didn't happen.