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trollbabe: yeah, i've gotten to where I don't talk about it very much (unless someone opens a door, apology for the rant about to happen), i was severely underweight for a time due to depression. And I never really realized that I had such a large problem gaining until I thought i'd gained it back and found out I was still 10 pounds under. I felt like a skeleton, and it makes me wonder how anyone can do that on purpose (anorexia, bulemia, etc). hehe, another little soapbox, a lot of people also have this insane idea that skinny people have no fat. When I was 10 pounds under, my body mass index was around 30, the healty index for women is 20-25. (we had a health fair where i worked, they used a little machine that read something from my arm and compared it to my weight and height). So i was extremely unhealthy, and had lost a lot of muscle mass. I did finally get back to where i was before the problem (and i've balanced out, i've gotten a lot of my muscle back), and i've realized that this is the weight i need to be at....anything else i gain needs to be muscle. People forget that it's as much to do with excercise as it does with food.

my aunt had her entire large intestine removed and until she hit menopause (warning for all us women out there who haven't hit "the change" yet), she was smaller than me. Now she's about a 6 in US sizes. She'd always had a very hard time gaining weight beforehand too.

my opinion of what the models ought to look like, now that's a healty woman!!!


Viva la Baker!
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