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[quote:5300e8464a="Satiretto"][quote:5300e8464a="krwordgazer"]Lately, I've been finding Leetah just a bit too perfect. Especially in her responses in the Ask Elfmom forum. She's so wise and balanced that I can hardly relate to her any more. I'd like to see a trace of the temper she used to display. Or just a bit of her old stubbornness. . .[/quote:5300e8464a]

It seems to me that Leetah underwent a similar treatment as her dark reflection, Winnowill. Just like Winnie was turned into a mostly one-dimensional elvin-nemesis-by-default in later Elfquest issues, Leetah became the equally one-dimensional paragon of virtues. I liked them both better when there were still some more shades of grey to their personalities ;-).[/quote:5300e8464a]

Actually, in Rogue's Challenge, Winnie is quite insane, criminally insane even, but not unidimentional. She is in turns crafty, willful, playful...She seems, in her own way , to become increasingly sensitive to Rayek's love at the same time that he becomes increasingly vulnerable to her power. At the end (the stuff unfortunately not available in the Readers' Collection but only in the comics #29 & 30 of EQ2) she regains some sort of empathy and sympathy for other elves (Rayek and Ekuar).
For Leetah, I don't know, but she seems to be morphing into a Savah character and, yes, it makes her less lovable. I'd like to see her recognize again Cutter in a totally out of the blue manner and regain the wonder and the playfulness she seems to lack now.