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Hey katcombs! I really dig your Tyleet and your Strongbow too.
I think your Cutter rocks as well. I am glad you are giving the guys
of EQ a try. Anytime you want help with hair or whatever I'd be happy
to give it a shot. I think hair is the easiest bit to get actually. I don't
do the details of costumes so well myself. Keeping everything sharp
and the backgrounds transparent is hard too, since I don't use a simple
paint program (I use Paint Shop Pro 7). I get too tempted to use
the shading tools and the airbrush so I don't wind up with pixels at
100% opacity. One of these days I will read tutorials and find out
how to use only flat pixels to get the same results.

I'm going to check out the one you just posted. Thanks!

Write me more here (PM or post) or send me email or IM me...
my contact info is online at my website: http://nightsea.4t.com
on the Contact page of that site. I'd like to collaborate with you!


PS: Same deal for anyone else who wants to push pixels--contact me!