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Base by Pinkland

NEW ELFQUEST (base by Fabie)
I've been making these elves by family groups... I have alot more to do, but ahm elfed out :)

Timmain, Cutter, Leetah, Ember, Skywise, Sunstream, Brill and Krill

Strongbow, Moonshade, Crescent, Chitter, Dart, Kimo, Newstar, Wing, Mender, Woodlock, Rainsong

One-Eye, Clerbrook, Treestump, Dewshine, Scouter, Tyleet, Nightfall, Redlance, Tynami (mine), Nightsea (friend's elf)

Zhantee, Bearclaw, Joyleaf, Longbranch, Aroree, Skot, Pike. Krim, Foxfur, Venka

Rain, Brownberry, Rillfisher, Shale, Eyes High, Yun, Vaya, Trueflight, Shenshen, Dodia

Ahdri, Savah, Teir, Windkin, Rayek, Kahvi, Suntoucher, Toorah, Shushen, Lord Voll

Elves to make (I hope I remember to edit this listing): Pool (need refs), Sust (need refs), Ekuar, Winnowill, Pink sunfolk (Skywise lover), Mini sunfolk (Skywise lover, the one who wanted a baby), Maleen, Chot, Zey, Tyldak, Spine, Goldenscales (forgot his name), Wavedancer old chief, Timmorn, Rahnee She-Wolf, Prey-Pacer, Two-Spear, Huntress Skyfire, Freefoot, Tanner, Goodtree, Mantricker, Egg, Door (male), Door (female), Brace, Kureel, Windstone (no idea who this is... I have a beautiful artwork of her). I know there's more... I just ran out of references. Nonna, Adar and Shuna (didn't wanna make human on this base), but donno yet. Some eye colors may be wrong... didn't have too many references at home and no internet. Plus, my comics are in storage.
Also, I will be making custom elves of yours... if you PM me a ref or put one here :)