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[quote:ca9283398d="SulferGush"]*checks Hidden Years 24*

Yep her eyes are green! =D

She's one of my fav characters and I haven't read anything other than the little bit where she talks to Ember, and was that even real?
I wish I could know more. I know she fought with Two-Spear for...cheifdom, but how did it happen? Didn't the tribe get split? If so, how did they all get back together?[/quote:ca9283398d]

It happened after one of their many arguements; not very sure on what, but I do believe it was humans. Yes, the tribe was split. They never did get back together. It was said in the BOTC anthologies/novels that Two-Spears group founded a plainsgrass tribe that rode goats. And the go-backs was founded by some of his group with his daughter Kahvi, told in her story I do believe.

What I am confused about, is in one of the BOTC books it was said Skyfire's child by Dreamsinger was a girl,Starbright. And in the timeline it says Freetfoot was concieved by them. Yet that can't be possible for he [Dreamsinger] was killed.