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Heh, I'd like to see the goatriders as well Grin . I can't really imagine elves on goats though. And from what I've read about them they did seem a bit strange.

Possible spoilers those who havn't read BoTC again:

[quote:1ebd38c1c9]Cuz, if im not mistaken, the goatriders became the gobacks..[/quote:1ebd38c1c9]
It's been said that the Go-Backs was "founded" by Two Spears tribe and the tribe Ekuar came from. I'm not sure that rules out any remaining goatriders though. Two Spears tribe could have split into two different groups. One sticking to the goats, and one meeting up with Ekuars people, forming the Go-Backs and starting to ride stags Grin .

To be honest I'm not even really sure there's ever been any goatriders :( . We don't see any goats in either the Kahvi nor Two Spear comics. There's huge gaps in those stories too, but if I remember correctly the goatriders in the BoTC novels said that Two Spear was dead. (I might be wrong though) But he didn't die until after Kahvi went into that pond, and that doesn't really add up. Two Spear was Freefoots uncle, and Freefoot met them. How could there be time to domesticate/train those freaking goats Surprised :? ?

This is all rambeling though. I should have been in bed hours ago. I'm not sure I'll agree with myself when I read this tomorrow Grin .
Hehe, I'm not even sure I'll understan what I meant tomorrow :roll: .