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All hail the ever awesome Pike! (Tackles Howlkeeper and shaves off his facefur)

Pike is awesome. If I was an Elf, I would be Pike. You want to see a shorter version of me in a male body, look at Pike. Pike is adorable and has ten times the sex appeal of Cutter and Strongbow COMBINED. (I'm a gal who loves to laugh)

When I read that Pike lost Skot I was all: "WHAT?! NO! Wrong in so many ways! Ressurect him and kill somebody ELSE, dammit! Pike does not need this!!!"
Seriously. Like Wingthing pointed out in her list of EQ Consperacies(?), Pike must know something. EVERYONE he loves dies. He must hold a deadly secret...or black mail over Winnowill. I bet HE knows where Two Edge's father's bones are...

Anyway, Pike is wonderful. He's comfortable with himself, he loves and laughs easily and about the greatest friend you ever want or need. Bow before him, Cutter Kinseeker. Bow before the better Elf. (Twitches)

If I were to spend time with any of the Wolfriders, it would most likely be Pike. I...I don't know why, but it would be him.

HOLY SNAP! Even WINNNOWILL likes him!!!