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Bonita, thanks for the kind feedback.
Feel free to take either Newstar doll (or both)
for your website. The big image, is of course,
by Wendy Pini.

Mirr's post to the other dolls was nice.
But I believe she isn't the one who made the
dolls? The site lists someone named

I made a Leetah doll to round out that set.
It's not as clean and neat as the others
(I used PSP7 and the smudge tool instead
of pixel by pixel in MSPaint).

If there's anyone on this bboard with the skills to make
a drag and drop or other working image program like
Heromachine for Pini-style elves, that would be an
AWESOME project! We'd all love to see it happen,
I'm sure. (Legally dunno if it'd be ok with Warp tho,
as their current rules wouldn't allow distribution of
copyrighted material of theirs--fan art would be
another issue.)

Apogee, I think you might be able to use the
online dollzmakers with JAVA enabled (downloaded)
into your Netscape browser. Go to the Netscape
home page and search for downloadable Plug-Ins.
I'm not certain they all run on java, but it's likely.
Some features only work with IE browsers, it's
true, but sometimes you can get the same results
in other software. Good luck.

I wish, of course, that I could just DRAW
what I could imagine. That'd be fabulous.
Alas, my talent for scribbling is minimal
at best. I've taken the art classes, but
still can't illustrate the humanoid figure
worth a fig. *sigh*