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just because an elf doesn't have an "world-of-one-moon" English name, it doesn't mean his/her name is his/her soul-name, look at Tyleet. The names could be untranslatable or too unusual (or inconvenient to spell). What if the names are verbs (or konjugations)?
Our hebrew or Germanic names were inconvinient as calling-names nowadays ("'god is great' wash your hands"). Most Chinese names are untranslatable: "body-hair vast-wet-area east" is not as easy to spell as Mao Zedong. If you know Chinese, Japanese and Korean names are pretty funny (one of my friends is named "Gold Smart-Wood").

With all that talk about soul-names in OQ (Nightfall so eagerly wanting to know Redlance's one*, Leetah's wondering what it is) I think we would know Tyldak's if he had one. There is a fan-thing about knowing an elf's soul-name, so Wendy would have drawn a scene of Brill and Sunstream staring in each other's eyes spelling the other's soul-name.

Even though, it doesn't make sense that only Wolfriders do have soul-names (or at all, why does a "oh-so-brotherly" group need soul-names?)

*and this issues before it's explained!