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"Leetah was first repelled by Cutter until she saw aspects of Cutters personality and named it "Tam". "

But Leetah didn't give a name to Cutter's soul...he was 'Tam' from birth. His parents knew it, and Skywise knew it too (in one of the childhood issues, he clearly calls Cutter 'Tam' long before their recognition.) Wolfrider soulnames appear to be only half a name - I'm sure there was something about this in the BOTC novels. Because they are not full elf they don't have a full elf name, which implies that other elves DO have a name for who they really are, they just don't keep it secret and so therefore, for them, it is not a 'soulname' because it doesn't give anyone power over them.

Yes, Cutter was "Tam" from birth, but you could still say that he was born with some distinct essence. I guess I have to say I'm not one of those who believe that an elf or a human is born as a white sheet of paper. I don't think the elves do either since they are all spiritualists. If anyone do, then what I have written will perhaps seem very strange.

I agree that Wolfrider soulnames is only half a name.

When I see Leetah as a soul name, it is because it is a soul name for the humans, not the elves.

I'm aware that you have to do something special to receive your full elf-name. (Redmark from Redlance for instance) but that doesn't exclude the soulnames from taking part in the same process. Redlance is indeed a description of who Redlance really is, but he also contains much more, and some of this will need protection. The elves are after all not 100% kind.

It could also be something from the High Ones which constitute the soul name, since it then easily will need protection from the elves wolf nature. When Strongbow hits Cutter in OQ#6, for something Strongbow sees as weakness/softness, there may also be more in Cutters conscience that needs protection from the same wolf nature. This could be the soul name.