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Here we go...

It's BOTC 19. In Soul Names and Troll Games it says Cutter is about 15 or 16 when they recognise and is close in height to Skywise, but reading this BOTC issue it's obvious Cutter is a lot younger than that here and he's consistently shown as much smaller -.

If another artist creates something that is not in accordance with Wendy Pini's work, I really think that WP should be trusted more than the other one.

I can't see any problems with inconsistencies because the non-Wendy stories is after all something else than Wendy Pini's work. I focus only on Wendy Pini's work, so what I write about soul names regard her work, and absolutely nothing else.

By doing this I can also enjoy Elfquest much more.

From elfquest.blogspot.com, Feb.05, 2005, Wendy gives this description:

The characters and their adventures live inside me, in a place where I can close the door, so I can keep all my senses open to whatever this Earth has to offer. Then, when I see or hear something that excites me, that inner door creeps open and Skywise or some other character will peek out and say, "Use that!" That's how it works. That's where the ideas come from.

That is the main reason for me to read Elfquest. WP has also told that it was the elves who found her. She has a direct relationship with them. She invite fans to send in questions to her characters. She even make interviews with them. The moment I know that one of the freelancers involved in Elfquest has the same kind of relationship as Wendy, I will immediately read it.

If they don't they can not create the same story as Wendy. They can create Elfquest, but human beings, artists, and what's inside them, is for me more important than mere words, including the word "Elfquest".

If anyone want to read Elfquest only as entertainment then this division will of course be a bit strange.