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hopefully there will be a decent character info somewhen ... For a start:

Humanoid starspip captain (and more) from the Startrek Universe ... stranded with the High Ones on Abode ... has VERY minor shapeshifting abilities ... not aging ... going on Abode for 20.000 years by many names ... meeting and living with all the tribes.
Natural leader, diplomate and warrior - just as needed, beautiful, wise and strong - in short: a Mary-Sue (forgive me ... I was eleven/twelf when I basically created her). Given a visible face for the first time by Nightsea Smile

She can count as a beauty both in human and elfin eyes: Tall like a High One (or slightly shorter), graceful human proportions and features, still a "FiveFinger", but has grown elf ears - because I can. Wink Teenage looking - oval face, fair skin, blue eyes and light-blue silvery hair, about hiplong, very straight with bangs (Vulcan style). She prefers darker greens, blues and silver clothings. Recently got a liking for turquoise and blues when it comes to more elegant or playful outfits.

There's a "merform" of her now with slightly variant look - wavy hair and a mertail ^^

She always wears a large gemstone, normally as a bracelet on her left arm. It can appear in all kind of jewelry, tho - necklace, ring, diadem, brooch and what else you can imagine. The stone looks greenish/blue mostly, but is shimmering in all rainbow colors.

Strapped to her left leg (normally) she is carrying an ornate dagger, a gift from her friend TrollHammer: (quoting TrollHammer - made a screenshot from his post - don't want to lose it) Happy

- - -

Snippet about Embala getting her dagger - first part by TrollHammer

(never managed to answer him on the thread he posted this - but now)

Embala looks at the familiar, finally grinning, green face with the friendly eyes.

"My eyes see with joy, my friend!"

Her view wanders to the delicate, strong blade that looks tiny in the big, artful hands of her trusted Troll friend. She takes the unique dagger and richly adorned sheath with both hands and leads it to her forehead - as formal as possible, answering in the traditional way.

"It will serve me well, Master of the Forge" She smiles "I will treasure your precious gift, my dear friend. It will remind me of your kindness and care when our ways will part until we will meet again."

- - -

On her journeys Embala met the lonely Preserver Dragonfly. This bug decided to accompany her (most of the time) and to take care of her gemstones - thus changed its name into Gemkeeper. Many thanks to Jeedai who gave the bug a face!
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There never was a written story about her. Be thankful for this Wink ... aahhh - weeeelll ...