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Embala's beginings ... and her original family

Embala was created some 40 decades ago when I was a preteen - as a captain from the StarTrek universe (no, she's not Starfleet). The first dollz are as close to her first design as the maker allows - it gives a good impression. The other three are new - it's her possible look when she left the Palace after the crash and early Abodean years ...

Meet Embala's family - the female part. Her mother Atlantis - a human looking alien of mysterious origin and her two triplet sisters, Granada and Grinda.

I've never really envisioned Atlantis besides the long white hair, so these are two possible variations. And the name ... ah well, it was hers 40 years ago.

Her "older" sister Granada is a diplomat, ambassador, emissary. She's more controlled than Embala, more formal and sticking to rules. She uses to pin her hair up some way or the other - or braid it orderly. Her colors are purples and violets with black or silver. Both dollz do not look "really" right but they give an impression of her style at least. I guess Granada has a well filled wardrobe with uniforms, gala robes and casual wear, including some traditional clothing of her particular job site planet.

The "younger" sister Grinda is on the opposite end of the bandwidth. Less controlled and more adventurous than her sisters she seeks trouble at times. Can be lots of fun, too. ^^ Grinda is a scout and prospector who roams the frontiers of the known universe and explores "white spots" in nebula. Her hairdo is mostly on the "wild and casual" side. I'm actually very content with her style and color scheme - browns, tans and olive with grey and silvery metal.

All three sisters qualify for starship captain, share the color blue and CAN look identical ^^