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- just a flashdoll who's look caught my eyes and interest

She has some family background now and a second doll - guess she is officially alive:

Spiritmaker is the child of Recognition of Winnowill and Strongbow, conceived when he was caged in at Blue Mountain. Strongbow does neither remember the Recognition (ask Winnowill how she made him forget) nor knows about his child.

Being afraid that she would be abused and broken as well, Two-Edge has stolen the infant and dropped her at the Go-Back Lodge. Urda nursed and raised this baby coming out of nowhere, calling her Snowfawn. During her childhood and youth Spiritmaker was secretly visited and supplied by her big brother who loves her tenderly. You can imagine that with this parents, Go-Back upbringing and Two-Edge's influence she is not really of nice and trusting nature.

Spiritmaker has a "mental shield" that enables her to hide from magic users like Sunstream and keeps her out of reach of Mommy Dearest's black sending. Disadvantage: healing will not work either (as long as she doesn't REALLY trust the healer).

After Urda's death she became a wanderer on the WoTMs, holding contact with Two-Edge only. Will eventually run into Embala.