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Meet Ainoa Snowflame

Ainoa is a loner who wanders the Frozen Mountains and white waste. She is OLD, the Trolls and Snow Elves tell of her as long as stories go back. There's rumor she's a daughter or close direct descendant of Timmorn, though she's obviously immortal.
She can turn herself into a white wolfess (not to the degree to breed with wolves). The tribes call her "Spirit of the White Waste" ... especially refering to her her wolf self ... or "Snowflame". She can be white or get red marks to fit the name. I guess her shapeshifting magic works better with fur, so some variant markings can be expected. ^^

... with wolf ears and tail XD

The recipe for Ainoa is rather simple:
+ take pale skin, purple eyes, red-blonde hair - preferably as a braid of some sort
+ put her in several layers of winter duds in hues of white and and/or light gray/blue
+ add some fur or fur trims
+ for perfection: fade hair to a lighter hue at the bottom and give her small fangs
= VoilĂ ! ;)