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Name (your real name, or whatever you want us to call you): Two-Tails is just fine!

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Got a job/are you at school? Both, work in the library at school

Favourite food: Green pasta with olive oil & garlic sauce

How long have you been a fan of EQ? Since 7th grade.

How did you become a fan? First saw the comics in France, then came back here and was very confused when I found them in English!

Who's you're favourite character? Male: Either Strongbow, Rayek, or One-Eye...Female: Nightfall or Clearbrook

What kind of music do you like, and which bands/artists? Sting!

Which other comics/graphic novels do you read? Kenshin, Ruse, Planetary, Authority

What are your hobbies? Martial arts, violin, sculpting, gardening

Favourite films? Anything with Gene Kelly or Carry Grant

Do you like videogames, and if yes, which games? Nope

How are you like/describe your personality: A bit sarcastic, but friendly.

Describe how you look: 5' 3" blond, blue/grey/yellow eyes, light build, 110 lbs.