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A wounderful start for Pike's thread, Arthis! Loving, informative and colorful Heart

You are right, Arthis - he lost so much and still is optimistic and cheers up others.
Your choice of pictures is perfect. Of course your avatar picture has to be there - it's really a tender scene. And one that makes me sad, too ... thinking HOW he ended.
The animated bellybutton makes me chuckle ... and again Pike has spread good mood.

It's really cute, Allura - and so lovable. When I've learned right some hunting cultures DO thank the prey for the food and supply it gives them. And ... hasn't Timmain done something similar? Maybe ... it's a habit of the Wolfriders indeed - and Wendy has chosen the storyteller to show us.

The Pike-related art collection is amazing! So many pictures Hypnotize... great each!
I must come back and comment here ... most ot it got lost in messed-up threads.

Pike always seems so carefree about himself, easy going - the loss of his lifemate showed another site of him. Feeling very deep, very serious - ready to stand against his chieftess' order to honor Skot's memory.

Redhead Ember made a cryptic poem that evoked two different associations in my mind - the bell ringing stronger was on Pike's and Skot's side.

Background picture for Redhead Ember's poem