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I guess DropDew wanted to post my elfified self Happy I like the flowing fit and color of the gown and the playful hair adornements. It's nice how she combined my hair color with Embala's hair-do.

Jeedai made an awesome Micro variation of Baublemaker Embala - with a sexy bikini shot as a bonus Wink I love the hairdo - perfect in cut, color and shading - and the sparkling effect of her mantle.
The little walking cutie is simply adorable. Luvlove So incredibly detailed - and her hair is flowing when she turns!
Thank you so much for all this, Jeedai - your gifts are highly appreciated, as is your kindness.

Your gifts make me breathless, Moonmoss! First Embala, the magic worker - she's wearing one of your sparkling, delicate moth-fabric gowns. Very different to her usual outfits yet so her! I love that she's creating my festive avatar Heart
Followed by Embunny, busy with making many, many tiny eggs into a Great Egg! Where? ... clicky, clicky Wink She got cute, charming bunny ears and another characteristic dress for this special task. Very fitting - especially with the arm and leg warmers striped in Easterly pastels!
The ideas, these gorgeous dolls ... that's a magical gift! Thank you so much, Moonmoss Bow_down

Excellent choice for the Gemstone Egg - with rainbow moonstone you actually hit one of my favorites! And it suits "Embunny's" colors nicely.
I'd like to use this as an avatar for possibly coming EggQuests.

Thank you for posting the big version of Embala, katcombs - it's always a treat to look at her in this turquoise lacey dress. You got her hair perfectly!

Another Embala Angel for me - thank you very much, Sailor Happy Interesting choice of dark violet instead of black/grey - together with the golden shaded wings it looks warmer. And you gave her armbands with her "special" gemstones ... Well done!

I've added my own Easterly Embala - simply dollmaker with some extra cut'n'paste. She served me well as avatar for the first EggQuest - and was FUN to make.

Last but not least Startear's (DJIH) unexpected take on Abyss - the very first since his design was defined. She captured every characteristic detail - his webbed crown and ears, the spiny golden "mowhawk cut", the luminiscent dots ... and beautiful glowing golden eyes. He turned out gorgeous!