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I'll start with mine so as to get things going:

Name: Redmane <adopted the name>
Soul Name <if any>: Yrem. Motifs are a bear, skyfire/lightning, storms, and isolated/lonely.
Age: Approx. 10,000 or so
Race: Elf, one of the Firstborn
Gender: Male

Appearance: Much like the other Firstborn, Redmane is a tall, slender Elf with an elegant facial structure but he doesn't seem to have aged as much as the rest of the Firstborn due to an incident that led to being stuck in Wrapstuff. His hair is a rather striking red color, hanging down to his waist and making his ice-grey eyes seem rather piercing by contrast. He also has a light tan and a scar on his outer right thigh. He does walk with a slight stiffness on the right as a result but he can still run well if he has to. His preference in clothing is for lighter colored leathers with a loose fit so he can move easily but also keeps his hair in a braid with a couple leather strips. He also keeps a small, thin drum tied to his breeches that is slightly reminiscent of a shaman's drum. When angered, he tends to seem a bit more feral, his pupils turning to slits and he lets his hair loose.

Personality: Redmane is usually of gentle, understanding, and friendly temperment, preferring not to 'feed' his quick-as-skyfire temper if at all possible. He tries his hardest to control the anger and keep it under wraps since it was what lead to his being injured and stuck in Wrapstuff for a few millenia, not to mention got a few of his closest friends and other Firstborn killed in the same incident. Which is still a source of regret. He also dislikes it when others consider themselves special or more deserving because of any magic they might possess, despite understanding why, and particularly dislikes being treated different because of his being one of the Firstborn. He also dislikes solitude, despite ending up travelling on his own for the most part, hence why he's currently searching for a place to settle down and be with other Elves.

Notable Talents: Aside from being a good hunter and forager, Redmane has cultivated a talent for writing and use of a short blade hidden in the vest portion of his leathers. While he'd prefer not to use a bow, he can still use it well <not like Strongbow good but still on a good level>. While travelling, he also picked up how to play the drum and took to carrying a small one to aid him in part of his magic.

Greatest Skill: His greatest skill would probably be his use of magic in conjunction with his blade or drum since he can use combination strikes with the blade or the drum to create a better 'rhythm' to use his magic by.

Racial Benefits <magic and such>: Aside from Sending, Redmane's magic lies in the manipulation of the weather, including and especially wind and clouds <including the moisture in the clouds>. As such, he can use them to strike, bind, or confuse/daze the enemies, make fog/mist, or create lightning strikes. He could also use the wind to sharpen his blade or maximize his manipulation by playing various rhythms on the drum he carries. If he wanted to, he could create or clear a heavy thunderstorm or a whirlwind but that is a more tiring act than simply moving clouds or a lightning strike.

Weaknesses: Redmane does possess a weakness to Black/Pain Sending and against plant-shapers. He also can't seem to do his best against rock-shapers, despite still being able to fight capably.

Weakest Ability/Skill: Redmane's weakest skills might be in the art of cooking and using spears or similar weapons. As such, he prefers to not use spears or hafted weapons.

Short History <if any>: As one of the Firstborn, he grew up amongst the other Firstborn and held close bonds with them but, while hunting with three others, they disturbed a group of Longtooths. During the fight against them, Redmane ended up with the wound that would become the scar on his leg and only just managed to get it healed in time to see two of the three with him taken down, the Longtooths about to take him and the fourth <the healer> down. While he fought back, the Longtooths somehow managed to get the fourth before he took them down. He got lost on his way back and ended up passing out in the forest, Preservers eventually finding and using their Wrapstuff until he could be found. Before he knew it, he awoke after about 3 to 4 millenia, not aware he'd been searched for and that time had passed until he saw the differences in the world. Since then, he's travelled around on his own, trying to find a place to call home and be with others of his kind.

Relationships of Note:

Voll: Redmane always looked up to and respected Voll, not just as the first of the Firstborn or as the eldest 'brother' of the group [besides Timmorn] but as the one he wanted to surpass or just be equal with. Even now, he sees Voll as his elder brother and source of inspiration, hoping to do justice to his example.

Timmorn: Much like with Voll, Redmane looked to Timmorn as an example of good qualities but for different reasons. While Voll was noble, regal, and wise to Redmane's mind, Timmorn seemed more down-to-earth, courageous, and passionate. But he wishes that he could've been there at Timmorn's side in the end, if only to see him off. Much like with Voll's example, he tries to do justice to Timmorn's.

More to come in time.

Other: Bonded with a large male black bear recently, similar to how Wolfriders do with wolves, and settled near a cave to stay with his bond-animal during the hybernation cycle.

Moved my character down a post so the first wasn't so cluttered. But still feel free to share if you wish.