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Name: Goosefat
Age: around 200
Race: Troll
Gender: Female
Appearance: A bigger than usual troll female, fattened up from "sampling" her cooking.
has mid length red gold hair in a utilitarian braid, the standard troll's big noise and beady eyes.

Personality: at first glance horrible, but her bark is worse than it's bite. Sassy and won't take guff from anyone, even the King of her tribe and boss Steeltooth. Think of Berta from Two and a Half Men.
Notable Talents: Cooking and brewing Dreamberry wine. She's a better cook than Old Maggoty, but her wine isn't quite up to Old Maggoty's standards, which vexes her terribly.
she is also a healer with herbs, but again, has not lived long enough to know all of Old Maggoty's secrets

Greatest Skill: Her analytic mind. She, like old Maggoty is a primitive "scientist" or "chemist" among the trolls.

Weaknesses: Not many. She's physically tough enough to handle all but the strongest Troll Males, who all try to get on her good side because she's such a skilled cook.

Weakest Ability/Skill: although young, she secretly compares herself to Old Maggoty and is frustrated that she isn't the healer and brewer she is...yet.

Short History: Goosefat grew up hungry as the child of a low status male. Thus she always gravitated toward the kitchens, quickly replacing the incompetent Chef Plopper (who is happier serving the mess in the mines) before her 50th birthday. She values her independence and is not eager to marry, although her big belly and skill at cooking make her a quite sought after mate.