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Embala recommended me this to explore my elfself. I still don´t have a tribename, so I ask you, my new tribe, to give me one.

Name: Dreamcat
Soul Name <if any>: Lynx
Age: young adult
Race: Elf, father Sun-villiger, mother Wolf-rider
Gender: female

Appearance: slender (almost airy), bright berry-red hair, moss-green huge eyes, pale skin. preferes dark leathers. (See my avatar)

Personality: She´s a playful type who likes to enjoy the sweet sides of life. She´d never miss a night of gambling and dreamberrywine with her friends. She has a male kind of speech and likes acting gender bender to confuse and tease people around her. She likes to snooze. Usually she has several wake and sleep phases during day and night. Once asleep, not even a horde of marauding trolls can wake her up. Although she has a chummily nature, she doen´t like to be the center of attention. She likes to seek soleness from time to time, traveling her turf for nights just to be back when least expected. She likes to observe things around her and let her mind drift away. This is often the source of inspration, but sometimes the reason of missing something else (like someone speaking to her). She´s helpful, very loving with her friends and would never let them dowm. She´s a good listener and being a child of two cultures, she tends to look at things from various points of view. So she´s often consulted by friends in spite of her young age. Although she lives with Wolf-riders, she doesn´t ride a wolf and has no wolf-friend of her own. She keeps a small tuf-cat-like animal called Fuyu, who´s more a companion than a pet to her.

Notable Talents: She´s a crafting all-rounder. She can do anything that needs dexterous hands, from jewelry or clothes to houshold items. She´s a keen observer of nature and her surroundings and knows her turf very well, which makes her a good scouter. She might not only know where to find special herbs, mushrooms or berries, but knows how to care for them, since her father is a skilled gardener and passed his knowlege down to her.

Greatest Skill: Her artist skill. She knows sign-making very well. She tells stories and captures memories and dreams in her pictures that somehow seem to move and become alive when looking at them (maybe with the help of magic).

Racial Benefits <magic and such>: Soil-shaping magic (similar to rock-shaping). She uses her magic for crafting things like jars and pots or sculptures from clay. She eases the soil around her plants for better growing and changes the shape of her painted signs by manipulating the soils she used to make her paint. She still explores this gift of hers.

Weaknesses: She´s a slob and a little mucky pup. She isn´t good at talking to a crowd and gets nervous in such situations of unshared attention. She´d be a miserable leader and prefers the position of an advisor. She hates eating fish. Sometimes, when daydreaming she forgets about anything else, like what she was doing or where she was going. She´s a lazybones and often trys to avoid hard work and things that don´t seem to be fun. At crafting, she has high expectations of herself and gets depressed if not fulfilling them. Sometimes her two cultural backgrounds get her caught between two stools. Not being understood in some aspects makes her feeling lonely and homeless from time to time.

Weakest Ability/Skill: Her lack of body strengh, which makes her a bad fighter. Although she knows how to use a bow or knife, she´s in a pinch when directly confronted with an enemy stronger than a small deer.