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I suppose from my non-canon elves both Moonmoss and Selyah are my self-elves, so I post both here...

Name: Moonmoss

soulname: Meir

Birth-tribe: Wolfriders, possibly Mantricker's or Bearclaw's tribe

Parents: unknown, big sister to Rain the Healer

Age: adult,unknown, deceased long before events in Wolfrider!

Appearance: Frosty whitish-grey mane shaped bit like Tyleet's, part of it braided on the left side with red leather like a cord. Moss-green eyes, whitish eyebrows and heart-shaped face. Beige skin.

Attire: Cold-berry-red cap and short poncho with light olive green trimmings, brown leather "belt" wrapped over torso and similar brown armbands, dark olive green breeches, furry grey boots tied up with brown/green cord. All leather.

Weapons: knife, just dunno where to put it :D
Role: gatherer, herbalist, scout
Skills:plant-lore(plants for dyeing hides, medicinal plants and herbs) bit of tanning-skills and costume design

Personality:Moonmoss is a quiet woman and usually hides her emotions. She loves to wander the forest alone and gathers lots of herbs, mushrooms,nuts and dreamberries for the tribe- as well as occasional rabbit or other small prey. She has deep love for dreamberries, and after eating those, she gets rather mischievous. She has very good sense of humour, though doesn't show it out often.(mostly under the influence of said dreamberries Smile ) She is also very good listener and eobserver of her fellow tribemates' emotions. Sometimes this quality of hers helps solve difficult situations. The way she hids her own emotions might be her weakest point, she should learn to share them more often.

Background: I'm kind of hoping she'd be Redlance's mother...but someone would need to write that story.

Name: Selyah

Birth-tribe: Sun village


Age:about 900 or bit over
Appearance: straight very very long black hair with red highlights, purple eyes and bit roundish face. Very short for a sun villager, petite amongst others. Dark, almost black lips, slightly darker than average sunvillager.

Attire: wears turquoise and saffron yellow(or mustard yellow, whatever) and orange. Usually with skirt and bikini top covered with moth-fabric-shirt. Brown sandals with turquoise decorations.
Jewellry:Gold necklace with turquoise semi-precious stones in it, matching earrings (look for the ref picture, can't explain better) ;D
Weapons:none, utility knife...?
Role: sandshaper, potter
Skills:can shape sand particles also mixed with water- thus she's very good at repairing huts and making stuff like pots out of clay with her magic. Also does some weaving(hats, baskets etc.) and beautiful sand paintings.

Personality:Selyah might seem cold and proud when seen from aside, but after one gets close to her she reveals her warm and friendly side. Some think her as proud stiffy for she is not good at socializing and is passionate about her work and art. She's a perfectionist, which is sometimes a big hindrance for herself and makes her to be snappy and demand lot from others too.

Hobby: During her free time, Selyah always wanders to the desert and makes beautiful sand paintings by sorting out differenty colured stone grains -or sometimes dyeing those. While painting, she lifts the sand-streams into air and the event looks much like multi-coloured sand-storm. Only during these painting sessions does she let all her creativity and passion show.
background: unknown, maybe had/has kids...