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Well, here is my sElf, Im not sure ill do much with her on here, but she's still a big part of me.

Name: Crucent
Soul Name <if any>: Unknown as of now
Age: 3.000
Race: Elf
Gender: Female

Appearance: Crucent is fairly tall, taller then a Wolfrider of today, more on par with Timmain in height. She has light-brown eyes, and so blonde hair it's almost white wich is kept in a bob, apart from the hair on the left of her face wich is in a braid, held together with a thin dark-brown leather chord. She wears a dark-tan top with one shoulderpad on the left shoulder and she has a dark-purple hammered torque around her neck.
Pantswise; she's opted for a pair of lightcoloured tan pair of shorts with a darkened 'bikinipanty'. Both the Top and the shorts have light-grey trimmings of skin on them. apart from that she wears a pair of light and soft but sturdy knee-lenght boots, with dark leather straps adorningthem and she is never without her weapons wich are either a set of metal Claws, or a pair of matching daggers, both attatch onto her hips via a small lace and leather belt.

Personality: Usually cheerful and in a good mood, Crucent loves to have fun or sleep. She is a hunter and a warrior so she can be both very stealthy and brutal if she must. She likes to explore and make others laugh, or at least smile. She doesn't hold grudges, unless she has been severely wronged, then she will find new and exciting ways to annoy the other person till they settle things once and for all. She loves all animals, and can be a bit of a loner at times, but will always have your back in a fight and lend you an ear should you need someone to talk to.

Notable Talents: Tracking and fighting with her weapons. She can easily kill her target from 100 metres by throwing her daggers.

Greatest Skill: yet to be discovered.

Racial Benefits <magic and such>: She has very little magic, she can heal herself, but noone else and she can prolong lifespans a little. Apart from that she has just normal racial abilities like good hearing and sight, these and her aim have been honed to Perfection over time. Can send.

Weaknesses: Stubborn like a pack of mules if she wants to be, can be oddly unsure and insecure of herself, so she doesn't like to argue much. This tends to give her a reputation of not caring what others say or think.

Weakest Ability/Skill: practically anything that involves magic.

Short History <if any>: Crucent is not a High One, she just has their height even tho she is a wolfrider. This is a legacy from her sire who was a High One who mated with a Go Back, and the result was Crucent. She quickly learned that living in the icy cold was not to her liking so she soon left for greener pastures. Some time after coming to the woodlands, she aquired a black male wolf named Fenris and they have been together ever since. She met Clearbrook one day out hunting and allthough she does not live in the Father Tree with the 'normal' Wolfriders, she isn't too far away from them either. She respects Cutter's leadership and will rarely not do as he asks her to.

Relationships of Note: None.