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WOW ... Hypnotize ... where to begin?

Harmonic Wendy-inspired character "collage" - works well as a cover or teaser picture. I love how the colors and characters flow into each other and merge ...
- Skywise's hair becomes a wolf - Timmain, I guess
- Cutter's mane turns into the sunlit desert sky
- and Winnowill's tresses do not only reflect the light of the Palace but transform into Leetah's scarf.

Amazing young Leetah - flirting and teasing. You pictured her features and expression perfectly. I love the contrast of her velvet dark skin and the shinyness of her jewelry and the green eyes!

Gorgeous take on Savah. For me it looks like you vere exploring light and shadow in the picture of the lightshaper.
The warm, colored light of the "tiffany" glass wheel.
The amazing metallic shinyness of the golden crown.
The soft diffuse reflections of the glass (?) mobile.
Her sheer gown shows all shades from light-bathed bright green to fading shadows. Within all this light Savah's dark beauty like an ikon. Outstanding.

Another cover/teaser "collage" that is arousing curiosity. Winnowill turned out awesome - pale and beautiful. I can almost feel the clouldy softness of her feather collar. Excellent body language and expression for Cutter. The young chief can hardly controll himself. Leetah is looks appropriately concerned.
I like the contrast of Winnowill and Cutter: poisoned tearing steel under velvet and silk the one, honest and obvious rage the other.

Seeing the three chieftesses together is an unexpected treat. Great poses and expressions - wonderfully captured on paper in lineart and warm coloring. You captured their beauty and spirits.
Skyfire - relaxed and soft looking, yet holding tight to her spear, framed by firey locks with her wolf for the "wild side".
Rahnee - experianced and battle-tested, the wild heritage showing in her eyes. The hair looks fab!
Ember - very young, vulnerable and still innocent. Her firehead matches the chiefslock of her ancient role model.
Goodtree - the treeshaper entwined with nature, in as beautiful as tasteful nudity.

Nightfall is pure eye candy! Hypnotize Her beauty is suited to make me breathless. Soulful eyes, alluring lips and delicate skin. I admire the highlighted looks and the shiny golden jewelry. Fantastic work on the details and coloring of the peacook feather.
The background is perfect for Automn leafs ... and it brings in all of Nightfall's colors. Thoughtful composition!