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[Deleted User]

Wow, just wow, I have no idea where to begin. You have awesome talent!

I love the pictures with Dreamcat- laughed out loud at the one where she paints with her tuftcat-friend's tail...good thing her cat-friend seems quite lazy :D

The Art Nouveau Tyleet/Scouter one is awesome- a series of Art Nouveau inspired pictures would be great to see- I do confess, this is very selfish request, for it is one of my favourite art genres.

I'm totally in awe with the photograph of Pike (and glad you used him, he gets far too little attention, that's why my selfelf is his aunt Wink ) The difficult pose, Skot and Krim on the back, the joyful spirit captured in his eyes, the light falling down and the little detail of rabbit munching whistling leaves! Amazing!
And then the technique part- to make it all look as if seen through a glass, as if any moment now Pike is going to crash into the camera that just took that picture...sorry for repeating, but you do have amazing talent.

Cutter with his wolf is very manly and somehow reminds me of a western movie- I can't really put my finger into it.

I hope we indeed will see much more pictures here! Please continue doing your magic symbols for our eyes to see with joy.