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I Heart that you decided to make a thread, too.

And I can only join in the praise of your talent and artistic skills, Dreamcat! You allow that I quote myself:

Great shot of matured Cutter - inventive pose. Your first wolf turned out wonderfully ... maybe a tad too human araound the eyes. I love how wolf and elf look equally intend and concentraded.
The black (inked?) grass and leaves make a good contrast and an amazing background.

Lovely picture of Scouter and Tyleet as a newly recognized couple. He's truely enviable Wink
I like how their foreheads touch faithfully and Scouter's tender gesture.
This reminds me of an art nouveau glass painting.

I feel with the cute rabbit - I want him escape and be save. And I want Pike being successful - feeding his family and get their admiration.
The movement - the perspective - extraordinary. There is so much fun and eagerness in Pike's expression ... so typical him. Skot and Krim in the background are a perfect addition. Oh ... and I love that the rabbit is munching!
I could go on and on about the awesomeness ... Moonmoss worded it so much better.
Run, bunny, ruuuuun!!!

Awesome portrait of Dreamcat! She's so awake, so lively ... so present (missing the right vocabulary :/) Bright eyes, bright but delicately shaded colors, rich details in jewelry.
I admire your skill for lively expressions - and for drawing hands.

I've fallen in love with your elves. Your sister "Tulip" looks dreamy with soulful eyes. The colorful tulips are a lively contrast to the dark lock and tan top. I love how the lips match them in a darker hue.

I've loved the sketch ... I can only adore the colored piece of Dreamcat and her bond"biest" Wink!
The cat is incredible - both relaxed and attentive. The way the eyes meet ... the watchful ears, the sriped fur with the white sock(s) and muzzle - wild and cute. I love that Fuyu uses Dreamcat as a cushion - SO typical!
Dreamcat herself is melting with the ground ... just the red mane and fair skin standing out. I love how relxed she's lying there - and that her eyes match Fuyu's. She's clearly talking to her companion ... and te cat is understanding well for sure!
Background bushes and the delicate blossoms in the foreground frame the peaceful scene perfectly.

It really shows that you live with a cat - Fuyu's pose and expression is prizeless! I can hear him purrrrrrr...
Love to see Dreamcat as a symbol maker ... using the cat tail as a brush is unique and hilarious Laugh Dreamcat seems to think similar about it - her amused expression proves.

Again I wholeheartily agree with the others - please, enjoy us with more magical symbols Bow_down

Edit: your artwork is a treat in full size ... but for the thread a downsized version will be more at times. At least when it's so large that you cannot admie the whole picture anymore without copying it in a picture editing program. But ... better too much of a good thing than nothing in this case Wink