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Thank you both! Your words make me proud.
I love doing this kind of (lineless) paintings. They teach me a lot about light and shadow and how they interact to create form. I´d love to produce much much more of these, but it´s actually very time-consuming to make them look good. The overall setting, the basic light and forms, are established quite early in the process. But without lines, these paintings tend to lack of dynamics, they often look stiff like statues. That´s why these pictures live on details. I guess 60-80% of the time is spent for detailing (hair, folds, all kinds of patterns and textures). The color comes last and is quickly done, since all the halftones are already there. This one took me aprox. 20 hours of work (still far too slow), ~2 hours to establish basic light and form, ~17 hours of detailing and ~1 hour for the color. So much for the technical part.
Moonmoss described my intentions for this painting very well. For though Nightfall is in focus, I made this pic more for Redlance. He´s usually shown as the "weak" in this relationship. Some people even say that they don´t understand why fierce Nightfall is in love with such a "sissy". I think they don´t understand neither of them. I wanted to show how Redlance´s charme enchants and comfords, yet captures her. He´s the one who slowly, gently enwines around the heart he admires to hold it as tight as no one else could. In fact, he enchanted Nightfall so much, she couldn´t help but force her soul to recognize him. On the other hand, I think it speaks for Nightfall to choose the subtle, sensitive one over any tough, cool guy. When reading EQ for the first time, I immediately fell in love with those two and the kind of love they share.