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Back to THIS awesomeness! I totally love this series of portraits - starting to wait for another one with anticipation and impatience every evening.

Redmane is a very handsome guy - very individual features. PROUD pose! Appealing cheek bones and eyebrows.I like that he looks like an elder - aged slightly in a very good way.
Well working, careful details on his top. Your choice of background brings out his eyes really well! And the shine of his red mane - SPLENDID!

Wolfdancer is an exotic, very appealing male. SEDUCTIVE! He has a bit of Teir ... with Rayek's tan and striking blue eyes. I admit - he fits perfectly in my (virtual) prey-pattern Wink
The shiny golden jewelry, teeth pendants and blue eyes make a wonderful contrast to his dark skin and chestnut hair. Your shading is amazing.
I like the feather adornemwent with the delicate pattern!
P.S.: Is he another member of the new Holt?

Moonmoss ... Luvlove ... love her soft, dreamy look! WONDERING? Cute snub nose and capturing green eyes. The hair looks so fluffy. Once again I admire the delicate skin and the pattern of light and shadow.
The "simplpe" pattern of the background mimics the forest background nicely.