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Thank you guys! I really like doing these portraits and the square format. I marked your requests. I´m sure I´ll find some time to do these soon. But please mind that tribemembers come first, since we use these avatars for playing. ^^

So beautiful.

Could I perhaps get a self-elf image? Is there a cost associated? I just LOVe the ART.

I´d feel awkward to ask money for avatars. But if you wanna make up, please spread my art by using it. ^^

Embala said

Redmane is a very handsome guy - very individual features. PROUD pose! Appealing cheek bones and eyebrows.I like that he looks like an elder - aged slightly in a very good way.
Well working, careful details on his top. Your choice of background brings out his eyes really well! And the shine of his red mane - SPLENDID!

He´s our tribe´s eldest, since he´s a firstborn. He spent most time of his life in wrapstuff, that´s why I still wanted him to look young for such standards.

Embala said

Wolfdancer is an exotic, very appealing male. SEDUCTIVE! He has a bit of Teir ... with Rayek's tan and striking blue eyes. I admit - he fits perfectly in my (virtual) prey-pattern Wink
The shiny golden jewelry, teeth pendants and blue eyes make a wonderful contrast to his dark skin and chestnut hair. Your shading is amazing.
I like the feather adornemwent with the delicate pattern!
P.S.: Is he another member of the new Holt?

He´s our chief (as Leafpath already pointed out). He´s Ember´s and Teir´s son, so I wanted him to resemble them. His chief-grandparents Cutter and Khavi also have their influences here.

Embala said

Moonmoss ... Luvlove ... love her soft, dreamy look! WONDERING? Cute snub nose and capturing green eyes. The hair looks so fluffy. Once again I admire the delicate skin and the pattern of light and shadow.
The "simplpe" pattern of the background mimics the forest background nicely.

In the "Fan-Characters"-thread it´s said, that she´s Redlance´s momy. I tried to give her the same pieceful, dreamy flair he and Tyleet share.