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And she has water wings!Laugh
Elfmom here: they're filmy little transparent baby fins that echo the shape of her ears.
Water wings indeed - looks as surprising as cute Wink

I'll add some more quotes of Wendy on Facebook - commenting on speculations or answering question around Korafay ...

about being born with webbed hands and feets and fins at all:
Elfmom here - all the different elf tribes have adaptation traits they are able to pass on to their offspring. The Wolfriders pass on acute hearing, sight, sense of smell, etc. The Sun Folk, when they lived in the Sun Village and had the rare child, passed on their adaptive skin coloring, etc. Korafay, born of Recognition between a Wavedancer and a shape-shifted immortal, has little fins...but what else? Time will tell.

about speculation that Korafay might be Jink (posted by another user):
This was asked in the comments on Wendys timeline, and this was the answer: Attention Stefan & Jim - this is not a tease, a red herring or a spoiler. You can take it to the bank: baby Korafay is NOT Jink. Besides, her hair is sea foam green, not white.

about the name Korafay - and a possible soulname:
by Richard: Korafay is the baby's Wavedancer tribe name, not her soul name (assuming she has one). More on that later.

Elfmom here: What's baby Korafay's soul name...or Brill's? Well, as Elfpop and I view 2013 Elfquest canon, the use of soul names is, by and large, a Wolfrider thing. Immortal Sunstream has a soul name because of his early Wolfrider upbringing and whatever genetic heritage from his mortal dad, Cutter, he retains. The Wolfriders are the rugged individualists of the World of Two Moons (yep, even more so than the Go-Backs), requiring soul names to preserve their innermost privacy. Conversely, the Wavedancers are more of one heart and one mind than any other elf tribe. From ancient times they've been deeply dependent on sending for silent communication on the surface or underwater. As a result, they are intimately psychically bonded...a "school" we might say. Anyhow, this is how Richard and I see the Wavedancers today. It makes sense to us...and makes for great story opportunities, too. Wink
As it was clearly pointed out in the comic the Korafay is the girl's tribename I'm still wondering where she will be the exception from the rule - and turns out to have a soulname ... the last remaining heritage of her Wolfrider ancestors.
Just speculation Wink

Elfmom here: a lot of you seem to think Korafay's name is based on 'Coral Fae' (a very reasonable assumption and a pretty one). But 'tis not so. Someday, when the series is finished, Richard and I will tell you how we actually cobbled the name together. We even have an email paper trail to prove it!