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That's a fascinating and surprising story, lunakat. I feel for both your baby sister, who was crying for her "lost" Daddy and for your father - he must have felt so helpless! This shave must have made an enourmous difference.
Indeed sending will be a great help in this case. I think Korafay would recognice the love and truth in the sending even when her father looked very different.

Interesting thought about elf children already "knowing" the look of their parents before birth, Redhead., at least to a certain degree. Yes, elves seem to send to their unborn child just like humans talk and sing for it. Even when the abilities are still rudimentary and underdeveloped the child will get feelings and pictures mor proberbly. And with the sendings it can get an image of Mom and Dad - most probably through eyes and mind of the respective partner.

On the other side the parents will not know the real face of their child - because the little one has no idea how it looks like. Maybe - the parents can see the "soul image" ...