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This tells quite a bit about Brill - thought I'd repost it here (from Ask Elfmom)

Elfmom said

Q - Well this is a question for Brill. Can't help it, I am intrigued by the many mysteries surrounding this lady (well, can't help it that she's my favorite character, either.)

In "Turning Tide" we saw clearly how much Skimback's Recognition to Sandsparkle and his neglect of everything you had meant to him hurt your feelings. In general your feelings toward him seemed to be deeper than his feelings toward you - although in "The Discovery" it was shown that the two of you managed to rise above your difficulties and still be friends without being lovers anymore. But for how long had you and Skimback been together prior to his Recognition? Not that I am asking the exact number of ages, I was just curious if yours was a relatively new relationship or if you had been together for many years. Also, it was suggested here and there that there might be a flirtation of sort between you and Spine - although not so heavily implied as between Spine and No-Ripple. Have you and Spine ever been lovemates/furmates (however the WaveDancers call 'em)?

A - Elfmom here: Boy, I wish there were a way you could actually hear the answers, even though you wouldn't understand a word of the elves' language. Brill's got one of the sweetest, most musical voices I've ever heard. There's a "trill" in her dialect, not like a bird's...more like a dolphin's, but not screechy. I could listen to her for hours.

Anyway...her thinking's about as non-linear as it gets, so I don't know how much of this will make sense to you. Here's my attempt at a translation:

Brill replies: Mist in the mind over "how long?" and "ever been?" Always... always the twirling/swirlings (note: she means joinings). Never "no" to any dance - even Broken One/Reef - but, too sad, [b:28eea02c4b]he[/b:28eea02c4b] said no. Many "yes-es" now, happy Reef! Twirling/swirlings best with two hearts big. Skimback Healer looked beyond...felt beyond...to more approaching. Now sadness/loneliness no more. Oh, my beloved! My beloved! My beloved!

Elfmom here: At that point I was treated to a series of spectacular out-of-water leaps and back-flips. SHEESH! The girl is pregnant, f'cryin' out loud! Well, she's also nuts - and I mean completely, hopelessly, over-the-moon nuts - about Sunstream, on top of Recognition. Guess she's entitled to be somewhat splashy about it. Wink