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So what could be interesting "pairings" and how could it turn out?

Aroree - Kahvi will hardly mistake the long, skinny Glider for Cutter. This story will not happen.

Nightfall - the "original", of course. But WHY was Nightfall chosen? What made it interesting?

Personally I think the author/artist could not resist the chance to picture a catfight. Wink Nightfall is definitely the best choice for this purpose - a strong huntress and proven warrior, having quite a temper as well. Definitely a match for Kahvi. And the "best-looking" one - that's why I bet on the catfight intention. XD

But there can be more behind it ... by purpose or coincidentally. She's protective of Redlance, of the tribe - and of Cutter, already from teenage days.
Kahvi's intention was a violation, an attack on the Tribe, on the Wolfrider identity, on the Chief ... and on Nightfall's personal friend Cutter.
Nightfall sees herself as a protector - remember her dream. The dream that was interupted by Kahvi. Once again - Nightfall was a natural choice.

Clearbrook - strong and battle-tested like Nightfall, probably more settled and with calmer temper

When Kahvi had taken Clearbrook I think the story would have turned out similar. Clearbrook might try to talk first, but when Kahvi (half drunken) insists on her plans Clearbrook would be both willing and capable to "beat some sense" in her. Let's word it different - Clearbrook would react as protective as Nightfall if needed and she proved her temper and strength!

Moonshade - the protector of The Way, probably more powerful in will and talk as in physical strength.

I doubt that she would be a match for Kahvi in a physical fight. Then again - Moonshade is good for surprises. I shouldn't underestimate her.
Her tongue can be a weapon for sure. If she would have been kahvi's accidentally prey I'd ecpect more of a dispute of words and wits than a physical fight.

Just had an hilariious vision ... Hypnotize
You know, in my opinion Kahvi acts in this storyline more like a moody rebellious teenager instead of the daring impulsive chieftess she's supposed to be. Now imagine this teenager meeting teacher Moonshade ... and watch the lesson!
btw: In this case my bets would be on Moonshade. Definitely.

Tyleet - soft-spoken, calm and gentle. Hardly a match for Kahvi.

unless ... she'd prove the truth in Pike's song about her: "... just try to refuse her anything!" Now I'd wish for a skilled and inventive story teller to bring up this variation!

Shenshen - the cheeky, love-loving Sunmaiden. No match for Kahvi either.

Would she offer Kahvi a roll in the furs with her instead? XD

Krim - Kahvi's former tribe mate ... and still faithful to her to some degree (see Recognition)

This could turn out interesting - and lead in variant directions. Krim is faithful to both Cutter and Kahvi.
- Would she "protect" her new chief and fight Kahvi if necessary? Not impossible, but unlikely.
- Would Kahvi convince her of the idea of a cross-tribe-heir? And both of them return to trick the Trolls once more and earn the right prey? Risky, not promising much success - but very much Go-Back! When Kahvi is convincing enough Krim would follow her in this adventure.
- Turning it the other way round ... Krim is convincing Kahvi that trying to "use" cutter it a bad idea for one reason or the other. Maybe they find another goal while discussing. And Krim would follow Kahvi on her ongoing quest. Anyone hold a bet against this?

Venka - turning it into a mother-daughter story ... intriguing twist indeed.

They would get time to get familiar again, approach each other on a new level ... possibly find a new understanding.
I doubt that Venka would stay with her mother, tho. The way I see it she is too much Wolfrider in soul ... and to responsible.
- being faithful to Cutter and help him to get his family back
- wishing to meet her father
- and last not least fighting Winnowill ... protecting HER tribe from the Black Snake.

*phhuuuuu ... now I need rest before I think about the males*

EDIT: I havn't read back before writing - so some of my "ideas" might have been discussed already, proven wrong or worked out in a better way.