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Until relatively recently, I've been real busy and off doing all kinds of other things. Sorry.
I am sorry, Wolfrider! Havn't meant you should be busier doing more artwork - so glad you find time for new pretties at all! What I wanted to say is that you have a thread to fill instead of only loading your art in the gallery. Yup, I cling to threads very much Wink

And I see you've brought new awesomeness! Timmain's portrait is fascinating ... her features and her mysterious eyes prove her alieness much more than the pointed ears. Surrounded by her wolf brethren she is both part of the WoTMs and a complete stranger to it - amazed, afraid and daring.
Her pale, delicately shaded skin and white hair shine in the night in a blueish light, sleek and cold. Her wolfin mate stands for warmth, protection ... and danger. His fur looks so thick and soft and it's great how his eyes match Timmain's. The glowing eyes on the left mimic the moons and show that there is more in the darkness while the holing wolf on the right balances the composition and adds to the mood.

Dewshine is so charming and elfy! I love that she is pictured as her innocent, cheerful adosecent self. Smooth skin, soft curly hair and fluffy feathers - you've worked out the different structures and surfaces beautifully. Her bright eyes are a true eye catcher!