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Elwing said
He can also be seen prowling around the Mirkwood sometimes...

I'd love to meet this mysterious guy ... and ask him whether he remembers another life as a certain golden-eyed elf on a world with two moons... Wink This doll looks fantastic, Elwing. How tall is he?

I like your sElf portrait - eyes that meet the viewer's eyes, a hand ready to draw, the tousled hair and little detailes that bring character and life. Your sElf looks very elfquesty.

You've captured Yun wonderfully. I havn't bothered to to look up references and compare ... it looks like Yun and carries the EQ feeling. The colors and style suit her.
I love that you showed her ... vulnerable. Her expression is thoughtful, a bit sad - yet ready to fight.

Something struck me all of a sudden: She reminds me of Eyes High!

A request? not sure where to start or to end. No idea which stories and characters you are familiar with.
I like to see unusual ones, neglected ones . And series. You've started with Yun - how about doing the bridge children?
Ember, Suntop/Sunstream, Windkin, Venka, Yun, Sust maybe? Korafay ... tho there's few reference.
Elfquesty portraits of Serrin and Bowki would be a gift.
And for a challenge - Timmorn and Two-Edge are bridge children, too.

... I like Venka ^^