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so my first 3D EQ Fan-Art project was to make New Moon out of house-hold items. as a few small personal notes to explain my projects, i'm a stay-at-home mom who lives in the middle of the woods, the nearest town (which is VERY small) is at about a half-an-hour's drive away, and i don't drive, therefore i don't have access to a lot of stuff. i have to use what's at hand or easily attained at the local hardware or grocery stores, or possibly online if i can find it for cheap. there's no craft stores nearby, in fact i think the nearest one is over 2 hour's drive away. ANYWAY, now to the fun stuff... one day, i decided to create cardboard swords for me and my 3-year-old daughter to play with. i started out with no intentions of making anything detailed, just a couple of pieces of recycled cardboard (from ordering EQ stuff from eBay, lol), simply cut and taped together with packing tape so we could play. i made my daughter's sword, and just before i started making a simple one for myself, i thought, "Ah, what the heck, i'll make New Moon!" my intentions, at first, were to just make a simple, quickly thrown-together semi-resemblance of New Moon, but being somewhat of a perfectionist and a HUGE EQ nerd, i couldn't stop there... it evolved over the next 3-5 hours into a detailed cardboard replica seen in this pic, complete with removable hidden key-and-peg... but i couldn't stop there... IMG_1954 IMG_1958 After several play-sessions with my daughter and New Moon had survived (luckily i put a small piece of wire in the blade, so that it could be easily bent back into place after battle, lol), i decided that i couldn't stand the card-board, non-metallic look and needed to find a way to cheaply make my project silver. one of my friends on Facebook suggested Aluminum Foil Tape (seriously, THIS is the stuff you want to Rule the World with, not Duct-Tape... it's designed for sealing pipes and whatnot, so it's stronger, has a better water-proof seal, and it's SHINY!!!!!), and VOILA!!! (continued in my next comment, which i will post later today...)